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Keepsake Box

It's October 2012 and Christmas is coming up, so I thought that a keepsake/jewelry box would be a good gift for my wife. Many years ago I had found a couple of tiger maple boards at my local Home Depot in the general wood bin, and I've been saving them for just the right project. Unfortunately, because I only had 2 5" wide boards, I had to take several shortcuts with this project. Here are the two boards here .

One of the shortcuts was my having to resaw the boards to get more out of them. They were 3/4" and I needed them to be .5" thick. Here I am trying to resaw these boards on my 12" Delta band saw . This was a painful operation as it tripped my breakers several times despite going quite slow. Didn't realize this machine was so underpowered. Someday I'll get the 18" Laguna and my frustrations will be over :-). This also necessitated my building this resaw fence here .

Another shortcut I had to take was gluing up the top from three separate boards, which I wasn't happy about. Here is a picture of the unfinished top . You can see the haphazard widths I had to deal with. Not ideal. Yet a third shortcut I had to take due to not enough stock was the gluing up of the sides from half figured maple and half regular maple. The regular maple is on the inside.

To thickness all of this stock and remove the resaw machine marks required the purchase of a planer for $100 off of Craig's List. I built a mobile base for it which you can see here .

I finished it with some Trans Tint dye followed with a coat of tung oil followed by a couple coats of poly. You can see the finished project below.



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