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Mailbox Post

Old_Mailbox.jpg (81472 bytes)
Using this very helpful Magazine Index, I was able to locate a great plan for a mailbox post in the August 2000 issue of Workbench Magazine. As you can see from the picture at right, a new post was definitely needed and way overdue.

Mailbox_1.jpg (24769 bytes)My first concern was one of size. It definitely was going to be bigger than it appeared in the magazine, so just to be sure, I stopped mid-construction, clamped on the arms and took it outside to see how it would size up. It's definitely bigger than our old one, and a tad more 'stately' as well.

New_Mailbox_2.jpg (37632 bytes)New_Mailbox_1.jpg (35575 bytes)Well, here's the finished product, seated and ready to accept its first mail delivery. Since we were upgrading the mailbox post, it made sense to upgrade the mailbox as well to a T2 size, which is a size larger than a regular mailbox, particularly helpful if you get a lot of mail like we do.

You'll notice as part of the design a place for a newspaper. My newspaper delivery boy never has gotten the message and the papers still end up in the puddle on my driveway. However this year a tree swallow has built its nest in there, so I guess the newspaper slot is getting some use after all.

Edit: Well, after 15 years of good life from this mailbox and post, today a FedEx driver destroyed it. RIP 8/12/2020. Instead of building a new one, I'm just going to charge FedEx for a brand new aluminum one that is embossed and even larger and just as stately.

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