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Hess Truck Collection

Here's where the obsessive compulsive part of my personality is allowed some freedom to shine :-). Where would the world be if we all didn't have at least one weakness, right?

So what follows is an accounting of my Hess truck collection, that is those that I've been able to find (and afford!). Just click on the model year to learn more about each model. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

With Hess trucks, it's easy to get a reasonably-sized collection of later year trucks, but then as you go back further in time, the prices start to skyrocket, which is what happens when you have a collector's item that was never originally seen as such, unlike beanie babies and Pokemons which were collector items sold by the millions right out of the gate. So Hess trucks should hold their value, unlike the Texaco trucks which plummeted when Chevron bought out Texaco. But that's another story. The models below in blue are those that I still need. So if you happen to come across some Hess trucks that you don't know what to do with do contact me.

Year Model Comments
1964/5 Tanker Trailer Billups Tanker (only gasoline decals; black box; most rare). Has a 'B' on the front grill.
1964/5 Tanker Trailer Yellow cab (painted green; black or green box)
1964/5 Tanker Trailer Green cab (painted yellow fenders; green box)
1966 Tanker Ship Stand is available. Made in Hong Kong though it says USA on the box.
1967 Tanker Truck Red Velvet. Made in Hong Kong though the box indicates USA.
1967 Tanker Truck Rear decal is 3/8" larger than white stripe
1967 Tanker Truck Chemicals decal replaced gasoline decal for Virgin Islands employees (most rare).
1968 Tanker Truck Perth Amboy Address on box
1969 Tanker Truck Woodbridge Address on box (relatively rare)
1969 Amerada Hess Tanker Special Edition - 10,000 made and never sold to the public. Only truck without decals on cab doors.
1970/1 Fire Truck Variations include a caution sticker on the box as well as some trucks made in the USA.
1970/1 Fire Truck Customized with working head lights and tail lights
1971 Fire Truck Seasons Greetings Box. Very valuable.
1972 Tanker Truck One variation has a caution sticker on the box.
1974 Tanker Truck Some trucks may still have a caution sticker on the box. One variation has a Jet Fuel decal in place of the Gasoline decal.
1975 Box Trailer Barrels aren't labeled. Variations include 5 ring barrels and a caution sticker on the box, as well as 100 trucks made in the USA that were sent to various toy manufacturers as samples in a bid to choose the manufacturer for Hess' trucks. These USA models weren't available to the general public. A similar truck exists for the 1970 model.
1976 Box Trailer Darker Green than 1975. "HESS" on barrels
1977 Fuel Oil Tanker  
1978 Fuel Oil Tanker Rear decal has bolder letters
1980 Training Van  
1982/3 First Hess Truck Tanker Red Switch
1982/3 First Hess Truck Tanker Black Switch
1984 Fuel Oil Tanker Bank Red Switch
1984 Fuel Oil Tanker Bank Black Switch
1985 First Hess Truck Bank  
1986 Fire Truck Bank  
1986 Fire Truck Bank Gold Chrome
1987 18 Wheeler Bank  
1987 18 Wheeler Bank Made in China
1987 18 Wheeler Bank Gold Chrome
1987 18 Wheeler Bank Smooth Gas Tanks
1988 Truck and Racer  
1988 Truck and Racer Gold Chrome
1988 Truck and Racer Made in China
1989 Fire Truck  
1990 Tanker Truck  
1991 Truck and Racer  
1992 18 Wheeler and Racer  
1993 Patrol Car  
1993 Premium Oil Tanker Special edition not available to the general public
1994 Rescue Truck  
1995 Truck and Helicopter  
1995 Truck and Helicopter All chrome and not available to the general public
1996 Emergency Truck  
1997 Truck and Racers  
1998 Recreation Van Etc.  
1999 Truck and Space Shuttle  
2000 Fire Truck  
2001 Helicopter  
2002 Truck and Airplane  
2003 Truck and Racecars  
2004 Sport Utility Vehicle  
2005 Emergency Truck  
2006 Truck and Helicopter  
2006 Truck with Racers Special edition for the NYSE to commemorate Hess' name change.
1998 Mini Oil Tanker  
1999 Mini Fire Truck  
2000 Mini First Hess Truck  
2001 Mini Truck and Racer  
2002 Mini Voyager  
2002 Mini Voyager All chrome and not available to the general public. 24 were made.
2003 Mini Patrol Car  
2004 Mini Oil Tanker  
2005 Mini Helicopter  
2006 Mini Truck with Racer  
2006 Mini First Hess Truck All chrome to commemorate Hess' name change. I have seven (long story).


Mini Rescue Truck  
Chrome, Clear & See- Through-Red Clear Mini Hess Trucks There were also 5 each of chrome, clear and see-through-red minis made for the John Hess family for many of the mini model years. These trucks generally sell for $2,500 or more, when you can find them.
  The following are some Texaco air ships that I've collected:
Red Blimp  
Black Blimp  
Hot Air Balloon  
  Okay, these following trucks aren't Hess but the detail is amazing:
Series 1 Hershey Box Trailer  
Series 2 Hershey Tanker  
Series 3 Hershey Tanker Bank  
Series 4 Hershey Flatbed with Tanker  
Series 4 Hershey Flatbed with Tanker Gold sampler version of truck.