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Antique Dresser Restoration


Antique Dresser Restoration - Front ViewThis dresser was my late grandmother's, and was in a poor state of repair. Some of the hardware had broken, many of the drawers and drawer bottoms were broken, and the finish was in rough shape. This is a picture of the dresser after stripping and repair of the damaged drawers. It still is in need of some additional sanding prior to applying a new finish.

Dresser Drawers.jpg (18887 bytes)A local company, Ball & Ball, restores/repairs/fabricates antique hardware and did a great job replacing a couple of the ornate bails. To the left is a picture of the drawers prior to their repair.

To the right is the dresser minus the drawers, prior to its refinish.Dresser_Minus_Drawers.JPG (26312 bytes)
Below are pictures of the finished dresser. I used a Cherry colored Danish Oil to warm up the oak wood, followed with a few coats of garnet shellac. In all, it came up pretty well. Below you can also see the foot detail.

Below are close-ups of the ornate hardware. Ball and Ball did a great job with the couple pieces that were missing and broken, and did a great job cleaning the hardware and locking mechanisms.

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