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Doll House

This doll house was built by my father, an accomplished woodworker in his own right, for one of his granddaughters. Although this doll house wasn't my project, it's such an impressive effort that I really needed to highlight it on my site for your viewing pleasure.

Doll House 0.JPG (18026 bytes)    Doll House 1.JPG (28093 bytes)    Doll House 6.JPG (27370 bytes) 

Doll House 8.JPG (21700 bytes)    Doll House 5.JPG (29395 bytes)    Doll House 7.JPG (28816 bytes)

This labor-of-love took a year to complete, with everything except for the shingles and the porch posts hand-made, including the siding and other porch details. Over 1,000 oak 'bricks', each hand-cut and painted, were used for the chimneys, and it's fully wired for electricity. I particularly think the porch swing is a really nice touch. The roof swings up to reveal the 'attic' where extra furniture and other items can be stored. And what family heirloom would be complete without a secret compartment!

Here's a picture of our trying to fit the doll house in the back of the truck for transport as well as a picture of one happy young lady next to her new doll house placed 'under' the tree that Christmas.

Doll House_Truck.JPG (14439 bytes)    Corinne and Dollhouse.jpg (81543 bytes)

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