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Mantel Clock

Many years ago, I built a rocking horse for my oldest niece on my wife's side. You can see that on this site. This year, niece #2 gets her own creation, a craftsman mantle clock.

Here it begins on the table saw and with a set of chisels. This clock uses mortise & tenon joinery so it is very durable. This was my first experience with chopping out mortises and cutting tenons.

This clock was built from plans from Woodsmith issue 199. The plans called for a shop-made clock face. However I thought it looked too 'shop-made' and was more difficult to read for a child since it didn't have all of the numbers represented on the face. So I set off to Woodcraft and bought a $2 clock face then took it to Staples and made a number of differently sized clock faces for another couple bucks on 100 lb paper. Here you can see my process.

This project took about a week and the finished clock is below. A Christmas gift for niece #2.