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Rocking Horse

I decided to build a special gift for my niece one Christmas, and I decided on a rocking horse made of Pennsylvania cherry. Although the picture is a bit much on the yellow end of the spectrum, I like to think it's the glow of the fireplace that casts its presence through the room ;-).

In the few years since I made the horse, the cherry has naturally deepened into a very nice patina, as cherry does so well. I loved building this horse, though given the cost of supplies and time, I'd probably have to ask $600 or more to make any kind of a profit. Perhaps someday I'll build them for charitable causes and the like. That would be fun.

Rocking Horse.JPG (29110 bytes)

As you can see from the pictures below, my niece really appreciated her new companion and didn't wait long before she 'fed' it its first meal!

Enjoying1.JPG (25633 bytes)            Enjoying2.JPG (28185 bytes)            Enjoying3.JPG (26615 bytes)

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