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Favorite Magazine Articles

Demonstrates a trick for making seamless leg blanks from 3/4" boards glued together. The technique eliminates glue lines and minimizes grain differences. Woodsmith #147 Pg. 6
Very good introduction to using a smoothing plane instead of sandpaper. Popular Woodworking 6/03 Pg. 46
Quite helpful guide to the 16 dumbest woodworking mistakes and how to avoid them. Popular Woodworking 8/03 Pg. 60
Learn to cut mortise & tenon joints by hand with this nice step-by-step guide. Fine Woodworking 8/03 Pg. 90
The most comprehensive guide to painting that I've read. This Old House 9/03 Pg. 99
Great article illustrating proper power tool tune-up as well as a comparison of tune-up products. Wood 9/03 Pg. 74
The most comprehensive, sure-fire step-by-step article illustrating the proper sharpening of a card scraper. American Woodworker 9/03 Pg. 63
Simple band saw table that employs your table saw's miter gauge to account for blade drift. American Woodworker 9/03 Pg. 54
This article summarizes well the best way to rub out film finishes, and it's not with pumice and rottenstone. Fine Woodworking 8/03 Pg. 117
Here's how to clean a brush clean and keep it in good shape. American Woodworker 7/03 Pg. 12
Chart comparing display lighting alternatives. Wood 9/03 Pg. 66
How to mix concrete right every time. The Family Handyman 7/03 Pg. 20
Guide to buying deck lumber. The Family Handyman 7/03 Pg. 91

Follow the process of granite slab to granite countertop in this step-by-step article that details the process. This Old House 7/03 Pg.124

Three must-have table saw jigs include a tapering jig, crosscutting sled and a thin-strip ripping jig; well-done. Wood 10/03 Pg. 80
Wonder how to flatten wavy veneer? Here's a formula that will ready your veneer for your next project. Fine Woodworking Winter/03 Pg. 120
This article provides a comprehensive discussion of shop lighting and its particulars. Woodshop News 1/04 Pg. T27
If you need to transport materials from the big box stores, here's a good reference for doing it safely. Handy 3/04 Pg. 36
Great guides for understanding the basics of drill bits and their types. Handy 3/04 Pg. 22; Woodworker's Journal 4/04 Pg.64
For trimming plugs and wood edging flush, nothing beats a laminate trimmer with this handy jig. Popular Woodworking 4/04 Pg. 34
This chart is a handy guide for comparing different shelving materials. Wood 3/04 Pg. 53
Finally a comparison of the many rust protectors and removers on the market. Wood 3/04 Pg. 87
Excellent article on the science of color and color selection. Basic but informative. American Router 3/04 Pg.73
Everything you wanted to know about tool steel is here in this comprehensive article. Fine Woodworking 3/04 Pg. 44


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