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My Favorite Projects

If I had unlimited money, time & skill, I'd put these projects first on my list.
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1) Library Bureau. An Arts & Crafts project with a British influence. Woodworker's Journal 4/04 Pg. 28
2) Queen Anne Highboy. It's a highboy worthy of a queen (or significant other). Woodwork 2/04 Pg. 33, 4/04 Pg.29, 6/04 Pg. 31
3) High-style Tall Chest. Once I finish the highboy, this one's next, if only my limited woodworking skills would accommodate me. Woodsmith #152 Pg. 34
4) Adjustable-height Table Saw Fence. Popular Woodworking 6/04 Pg. 28
5) Joiner's Dead-blow Mallet. Simple, but screams out to be held. ShopNotes #2 Pg. 22
6) Pencil Post Bed. A fine-crafted place of rest that exudes quality. You have to build one of these for your daughter. Woodsmith #153 Pg. 28
7) Knock-down Cherry Bookshelf. A unique style that is hard to describe, but it yearns to be in your living room. Woodsmith #153 Pg. 20
8) Revolving Tool Station. Just plain practical use of shop space. ShopNotes #35 Pg. 16
9) Greene & Greene Hall Table. Like it was designed by the masters themselves. American Woodworker 7/04 Pg. 50
10) Blanket & Hope Chest. On my list as the next 'serious' project I'll be building. Great wedding gift. Fine Woodworking 4/98 Pg. 38
11) Stationary Box. Handsome, dovetailed with figured wood, it really makes a statement. Woodsmith #81 Pg. 18
12) Seat that Converts to a Step. Very practical gift for anyone with a kitchen. Canadian Home Workshop 10/03 Pg. 36
13) Custom Picture Frames. Very unique, very nice and easy to build. Woodsmith #92 Pg. 17
14) Classic Fluted Bookcase. Looks very grand, but of reasonable difficulty to build. Woodsmith #95 Pg. 6
15) Garden Bench. The best looking garden bench I've seen, built with M&T joinery. Woodsmith #93 Pg. 6
16) 18th Century Pennsylvania Secretary. My one goal in woodworking life is to build one of these. What else can you say about a Secretary. Fine Woodworking 2/02 Pg. 50, 3/02 Pg. 66, 5/02 Pg. 74
17) Pennsylvania Tall Clock. To think they actually built these by hand! Fine Woodworking 8/04 Pg. 60, 10/04 Pg. 76
18) European Workbench. Built by Frank Klausz, this is more a piece of artwork than a workbench. Very nice. Woodworker's Journal 10/04 Pg. 54
19) Arts & Crafts Bookcase. Classic and great-looking. Woodwork 12/00 Pg. 34
20) Queene Anne Side Table. This is a great project because you can build a quality, Victorian heirloom, yet it's small enough of a project that you can actually finish it. Popular Woodworking 11/04 Pg. 61
21) Veneered Heirloom Bookcase. A bookcase worthy of the time you'll put into it. Popular Woodworking 8/00 Pg. 30
22) Built-in Bathroom Cabinet. A weekend project that looks good and offers ample storage space. Family Handyman 2/05 Pg. 50
23) Ladderback Book Shelves. Stylish ladderback shelves topped by a mirror for that touch of elegance. Woodworking for Women 3/05 Pg. 32
24) Baltimore Card Table. Very nice rendition in the Federal style. Popular Woodworking 6/05 Pg. 66
25) Country Hutch. A timeless treasure in the American style. American Woodworker 7/05 Pg. 44
26) Classic Workbench. Not as fine as Frank Klausz's workbench, but a great workbench for the woodworker with fewer funds. ShopNotes #84 Pg. 16
27) Federal Card Table. A very impressive project that will surely test your inlay skills. Just gorgeous. Fine Woodworking 12/05 Pg. 56
28) Bookcase With Drawers. I like this bookcase because it's not your usual design; the drawers add a nice touch and it's within the realm of the average woodworker's skill. American Woodworker  11/05 Pg. 46
29) China Cabinet & Buffet. This is a handsome set with straightforward construction. Wood 4/06 Pg. 44
30) Philadelphia Side Chair. Utilizing a significant amount of carving, this is a classic design that will never go out of style. Fine Woodworking 10/06 Pg. 80

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