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Jamaica Trip - Page 4

Floating Cities 
Dancing.jpg (67983 bytes)
Gotta love those steel drums.

Dancing_2.jpg (38985 bytes)
Everyone join in the fun!

Art_Auction.jpg (63164 bytes)
Art anyone?

There was a lot of entertainment including local entertainment reflecting a Jamaican flavor in the music and dance, as well as an art auction where we snagged an eagle painting for Rick's eagle collection.


In addition, the weekly sing-a-long, karaoke style, offered up what will likely and forever be the worst karaoke performance ever to grace an audience. Fortunately the picture below has no sound!

Singing_Disaster.jpg (49192 bytes)
Karaoke night.

On the few times that we have gone on 'warm' vacations in southern poin ts, we've always been fortunate to have stayed near the cruise ship ports and this trip was no exception.

From the beach, as well as our room, we  had a great view of the ships that visit the island, each dropping off their load of people, many who would come over to the resort and mill around the pool.

Why all of the pictures of ships? Because Rick's enamored with the magnificent of these behemoths; Darragh thinks it's all a tad redundant.

Cruise_Ship_4.jpg (57447 bytes)
Take a hard look through the downpour.

Cruise_Ship_1.jpg (65137 bytes)
Our favorite ship . . .

Cruise_Ship_2.jpg (20844 bytes)
. . . coming slowly into port.

Cruise_Ship_3.jpg (51816 bytes)
And another . . .

Cruise_Ship_5.jpg (47836 bytes)
Amazing ships.


Boat Trip

The Marketplace
Resort_from_the_Water.jpg (34353 bytes)
A fresh perspective.

Surf_Breaking_on_Reef.jpg (27720 bytes)
Rough seas ahead.

Rick&Dara_on_Boat.jpg (54083 bytes)
Skipper & her first mate.

Church_on_the_Coast.jpg (58551 bytes)
Worship with a view.

We thought we'd go walk the beach and ended up on the end of a pier. One should know that in Jamaica this makes you vulnerable to the entrepreneurial boater looking for some extra income.

And so we agreed on a boat 'tour' for $10 less than the $30 our 'guide' wanted. (One thing about hustling on price; it only works on buying goods, not services where tipping makes up for any bargain price you may have been able to initially negotiate.)

Our half hour venture into the rough waters (due to the continual bleak weather conditions) started out with our share of sea spray and rolling seas (fortunately the really heavy stuff was on the other side of the reef) followed by a tweak of concern when our motor cut out not more than 40 windy feet from the rocky shore line with our 'guide' having voiced those potentially life-changing words: 'Uh-oh'!

Well, we did get back safe and sound though not without hearing the oft-told life story that compels you to throw in the extra tip to make sure you've paid list price after all. And then his cell phone rang . . .

Within walking distance of the resort and the cruise ships was a shopping mecca. Actually, more like a shanty town filled with hand-crafted goods for as far as one's eye can see. Merchant after merchant would descend on you like vultures on its prey, inviting you to look at the wares in their 'store'.

Though a bit over-whelming perhaps for the faint of heart, Rick relished in the hustle game, getting some really great buys through skillful negotiation :-) Let's just say that nothing sells for list price. In fact, wait for the third price quoted to be sure of a good buy.

Over all, these people were quite friendly, many anxious to shake your hand and start their sales pitch. One can tell they've had plenty of time to develop their selling skills. You hate to turn them down as they have skillfully crafted a lot of great merchandise you'd love to take home for yourself and others, including that big giraffe that Rick couldn't resist (and at less than 1/3rd 'list price' too!).

Marketplace_1.jpg (79840 bytes)
A veritable safari.

Marketplace_2.jpg (71968 bytes)
Couldn't leave without an eagle for Rick's collection.

Marketplace_3.jpg (46801 bytes)
Sold us a fish. Couldn't resist.

Marketplace_4.jpg (72865 bytes)
The rain drove prices down.

Marketplace_5.jpg (71284 bytes)
A little bit of everything for sale.

Marketplace_6.jpg (78732 bytes) Marketplace_7.jpg (68811 bytes)
Sonny carved Rick an eagle for his collection.

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