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Jamaica Trip - Page 5

More of the Resort

Not Quite Perfect
Mr._Jamaica.jpg (51761 bytes)
Mr. Jamaica.

Mrs._Jamaica.jpg (48388 bytes)
Mrs. Jamaica.

Bad_Hair_Day.jpg (87370 bytes)
Bad hair day.

Cactus.jpg (54303 bytes)
A cactus 'tree'.

Survivor_Island.jpg (70479 bytes)
Survivor Island?

Flower_3.jpg (17430 bytes)
More flowers of Jamaica below.

Jamaican flowers slide show. Click below to view!
<Broadband Connections>

<Dial-up Modem Connections>

As mentioned previously, carving is an important tradition here on the island, and here are two trunks at the resort carved into the likeness of the locals (the man and woman are carved on the same trunk back-to-back).

Cactus grow pretty large here as well. Let's just say that you know you're not in Kansas anymore when the 3-foot cactus you'd buy at the local plant outlet is found instead growing as a tree!

Massage_Tent.jpg (65061 bytes)
   Massage anyone?

  Sure, I'll take one!!

Flower_1.jpg (41821 bytes)
        Native flora.

Flower_2.jpg (42430 bytes)
    More native flora.

Although our stay was nice, it was not without its challenges. First up was the $138 phone call to the states to check email. The $3 per minute cost to direct dial the U.S. to either talk (or in my case to connect a laptop) was not listed on the phone nor on the card in the room that details phone charges. Needless to say it was a shock and the matter is not as yet resolved.

Second: the sewage problem. They jack-hammered off and on for six days; at times we thought we might possibly be in NYC (okay, the temperature gave it away).

Third: the leaking ceiling panels and resulting odor in the hallway outside the room.

Fourth: the weather. Out of 9 full days, we had 2 days sporting any amount of sun at all. 3 more days of rain, rain, rain. The balance was very overcast and cool. Not exactly the weather we were hoping for.

Fifth: inability to cash a check or get change for a $20 bill at the front desk.

So given the challenges, it's tough to know exactly which reason the resort sent us the fruit assortment you see with a card indicating their regret for the 'inconvenience'. 

Fruit_Arrangement.jpg (81557 bytes)
We're sorry . . .

Foggy_Weather.jpg (26207 bytes)
All too common weather.

Rough_Surf.jpg (80976 bytes)
Rough surf.

Downpour.jpg (46871 bytes)
3 days of rain . . .

Trash_Can.jpg (39148 bytes)
. . . takes its toll.

To hear what we heard (for 6 days) click on the workman!

Going Home . . .
Blue_Sky.jpg (30448 bytes)
Blue sky; just in time for our departure!

Final_Sunshine.jpg (34531 bytes)
Desperate for sun.


Well, that's our trip in a nutshell. Out of 9 full days, 3 were rainy, 4 were gloomily overcast and only 2 were partly cloudy/sunny. And it's not even the rainy season. Some tourists were bathing in the sun at the airport, so desperate they were following the weather we had.

So while we certainly had our share of fun, between the weather and the unique challenges of this particular Marriott resort, in some respects we were glad to be going home.

So after a 12 hour odyssey we made it home to good old American cookin' and all of the conveniences we are so fortunate to enjoy in America.

Too much jerk chicken & pork, ox tails & curried goat takes its toll :-) .

We'll miss the friendly people as much as anything, particulary folks like Sonny the Carver and the kind gents that sold Rick his 7' giraffe for a ridiculous rainy day price.

Now if next time we could only do something about that weather . . .


Plane_Departure.jpg (42649 bytes)
We're off!

Giraffe_Wrapped.jpg (20597 bytes)
What a trip it was getting this home!!

Giraffe_2.jpg (14521 bytes)   Giraffe_1.jpg (32698 bytes)
He's happy to be in America.

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