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These 36 links are to sites that provide inspiration for other hobby and professional woodworkers.

Alan Carr Alan is hopeful of leaving a legacy that will include woodworkers that desire to learn his craft of building Texas-style rocking horses. Very nice selection of horses on his site.
Barbara Butler Featured in Wood Magazine, Barbara has a thriving, fun-loving business building unique play structures for children and their adults alike.
Byrne Custom Woodworking Ian Byrne's shop is truly unique; it's 65 feet underground. His company makes a number of items, though plantation shutters seem to be a large component of his business.
Cornel Schneider His miniature carvings, called netsuke, are a pleasure to admirer. Check out the gallery.
Denise Nielsen & George Worthington Amazing wood 'sculptures' of hats, shoes, purses and more. A must-see site.
Derek Preble Though not a very extensive site, the pictures give you a feeling for what is possible.
Donald Boudreau's High-end Boxes Jewelry boxes, Keepsake boxes, Tea boxes and Valet boxes are just some of Donald's high-end creations using many exotic woods.
Douglas Stowe A published author and woodworker, offering for sale quality gifts made from wood. Environmental links included.
E.Jacobsen Maker of very fine period reproduction furniture.
Fraser Smith Amazing how life-like this craftsman's 'quilts' look. You'd never know they were made from wood.
G. Jones Furniture Nice selection of furniture and other solutions for the home.
Grain of Thought John Geraghty's site offers a number of pleasing projects for the eyes. Also interesting is his interest in poured glass.
Jacob Cress An amazing gift for whimsically sculptured furniture, worthy of a museum.
James Krenov His furniture reflects the skill and passion that is embodied by his craft.
Jeffrey Dale An eclectic variety of contemporary furniture pieces.
John's Custom Woodworks John & Ellen Heizman run a cabinet shop that was highlighted in the May 2006 issue of Woodshop News. Nice Site. Nice Work.
Kagen Sound Nice site that demonstrates the talents of this award-winning wood puzzle maker. Check out the boxes that require over 80 moves to open. Amazing.
Kevin's Woodturnings Very impressive work that is a must-see. Also very helpful information on turning in general as well as a listing of the sites of other segmented woodturners.
Maloof Foundation Explore a legacy that goes beyond his world-renown rocking chairs.
The Master Woodbutcher Rod Peterson provides an entertaining look at all things woodworking, and some other aspects of life as well.
Miles Clay Designs Featured in an issue of Woodshop News, this sole proprietor concentrates on crafting freestanding entertainment centers and home office furniture, among other things. Impressive portfolio.
Morgan Valley Forge Home of master knife maker Howard Clark. Though technically not woodworking per se, still pretty cool.
Nora Hall Carving Designs The website of European Master Woodcarver Nora Hall, containing instructional videos, patterns, tools, tips, photo gallery, and more!
Norm Sartorius This craftsman is dedicated to sculpting all forms of spoons from a variety of woods and burls. His work is featured in a number of galleries, with much of his work pictured on his easy-to-navigate web site.
Probst Furniture Makers A variety of pieces with a unique flair.
Reflections In Wood This site features scale models of trucks that would be ideal gifts for that special person in your life. Jim Arnold's most popular model is the logging truck.
Richard Reams, Arborsmith Richard is an arborsculptor, making furniture and other items out of live trees. Check out the very interesting ways you can grow a tree.
Taylor Woodworks This talented brother duo has a large repertoire of fine furniture for sale. They'll also provide for your custom kitchen and millwork needs as well.
This Into That Really innovative projects made from recycled books.
Timothy Clark An accomplished cabinetmaker best known for his chair making skills. The Cod Rib Settee is my favorite.
Viking Mountain Tool Works Personal woodworking site of Scott Loven.
Walter S. Arnold - Sculptor Very nice work in both wood and stone. If you like gargoyles in particular, you wouldn't want to skip this site.
Wm. Rees Instruments Maker of lovely, custom harps for that favorite harpist in your life.
Wood That Works This site is dedicated to one artist's 'kinetic sculptures'; wind them up and watch their intricate movements against your favorite wall for hours on end.
Woodward Woodworks Alan Young of Ypsilanti, MI showcases a variety of projects he's completed, all for our viewing pleasure.
X-Man Puzzles Randy Crossman can sell you one of 321 Saturday Evening Post jigsaw puzzles with Norman Rockwell's art, or a variety of other challenging and unique puzzles. About 20 hours of cutting go into each puzzle.

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