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My Favorite Things . . .
I have a lot of links I would consider my favorites; the following 12 are just a few.

Bridge City Tool Works, Inc. If only money were not an object . . . These tools are more artwork than anything else, and a pleasure to use. If, of course, you can afford them. Which I can't.

Garrett Wade This catalog is akin to a gallery of woodworking tools; a joy to view, but even better to own. Like most fine art, you get what you pay for, and here you get a lot.

International Belt Sander Drag Race Association Yes, it's unique, but really novel excitement! There may be a race near you!

Lee Valley Tools Here's one of those catalogs that leave you salivating . . . Good source of quality garden equipment as well (I love my loppers!)

Liberty Elm Site Support the rebirth of the majestic elm tree by planting some of your own.
Straight Line Designs Judson Beaumont's amazing creations are both functional and highly whimsical; straight out of a child's fantasy. The Bad Table has to be a favorite!
This Old Workshop Here you'll find a wealth of helpful woodworking information, including the tool reviews which I particularly appreciate.
WoodBin Well laid-out site offering a wealth of information on plans, software, books and more.

WoodCentral Forum Many well-known experts in the field participate in this forum to bring the best advice to the fore.

The Woodchuck Canuck Offers probably the largest collection of woodworking links anywhere, at least on this planet. I'd start your quest for woodworking-related sites right here.

Wood That Works This site is dedicated to one artist's 'kinetic sculptures'; wind them up and watch their intricate movements against your favorite wall for hours on end.

Woodworking Accident Reports Take a read through these reports and you'll never forget about safety in the shop. Hopefully you're not qualified to submit a report of your own!

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