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If using 21st computer technology in tandem with centuries-old hand tool techniques doesn't seem a bit schizoid to you, then you might appreciate the following 27 links to software designed to make the whole process a bit more efficient.

BuilderCalc For the professional, this offers design layout, conversion calculations, nested cut calculation, and much more.
Cabinet & Door Pro Software for the professional kitchen & bath industries, since 1986.
Cabinet Solutions Online The easiest custom cabinet design software on the market.
CAD Files for Woodworkers Try a number of CAD software programs before you buy.
The Connected Wood System Suggests woods, dates and identifies furniture styles, keeps your inventory, and records your project cut list.
CutList Plus Easy sheet layout optimization, board feet calculations, and job cost estimating for your woodworking projects.
CutMaster 2D Calculates & arranges nested cuts, and automatically recommends different size boards for more efficient cutting. Make the most of your sheet goods.
Delta Cad They claim it's the world's easiest to use CAD program for woodworkers. I guess that'd make it the easiest in the universe, too. Pretty impressive. And you can try the demo before you buy.
The Home Journal Link photos to projects, make notes for future reference, and keep an ongoing record your jobs/projects for posterity.
The Itemizer Panel cutting optimization software.
MasterCarpenter Assists with difficult, on the job layout and design problems that occur frequently in the construction and carpentry fields.
Optimik Save time and materials by letting this software optimize pattern layouts on sheet goods and panels.
Plus2D Software for reducing waste in cutting sheet metal, glass, wood and other panel materials. Demo available for download.
Rapid Resizer Scroll saw enthusiasts unite! and download a copy of this helpful tool right away!
Sagulator If you've a question about whether this or that material will hold up this or that number of books, look no further.
Segmented Project Planner Performs all of the calculations necessary to bring your segmented design idea to reality, much more easily and faster than you can by hand.
Sheet Layout A professional panel optimization tool for serious woodworkers.

Software for Woodworkers Palm/Pocket PC users might like the board feet calculator, while PC users will appreciate the ability to calculator project costs as well as the correct dimensions for shelves & raised panel doors.

Table Saw Miter Angles Calculate the complementary miter angles for segmented and complex projects.
Tile Ideas (on CD-ROM) If you are doing any tile work at all, you might want to check out this $20 CD chock full of great information.
Wood Pro Search a database of a few hundred species of wood for the right one for your special project.
Woodbin Online Calculators Determine wood choice, moisture content, board feet and wood shrinkage without even leaving your chair.
Woodbin Software Selections From designing a deck to estimating project costs, you'll find a very nice selection of software solutions here.

Woods of the World CD Imagine 3,000 pages of text detailing everything and anything you wanted to know about wood species from around the globe.

WoodSearch An Excel file containing 16,000 references to various species of wood (who'd figure there'd be THAT many species of walnut!).

Woodworking Companion CD A series of four informative & educational programs developed for amateur woodworkers.


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